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There’s More to Local Moving Companies than you Realised

Moving house or relocating your business often comes with the common question – should I plan the move myself or hire a removal company? While there are pros and cons of both choices, enrolling some help is a sure fire way of easing the pressure and stress of moving. Most modern removal companies offer a lot more than simply transporting your items, many will plan your complete itinerary, pack, organise and store your items all for you.

So, if you’ve been wondering – what can the removal companies near me help with? This blog will explain the main services that are designed to help with every part of your move, read on to find out more.

What services do the best moving companies provide?
In today’s society, it can seem almost impossible to get on the property ladder, and with a slower pace of buying and moving house the average homeowner now moves around 1.8 times in their lifetime – a reduction of more than half compared to 2008 which saw an average of 3.6 moves. Having said that, this has lead to an increase in renters across the UK, with an estimated 5.79 million or, 24% of households, thought to be privately rented by 2021. And of course, when renting, the rate of changing property is much higher, and removal companies are more in demand.

To keep up with this change, removal companies now offer an array of helpful services that will ensure your move is quick and easy which includes:

Domestic removals
Moving home is the most common reason to hire a removals company. Whether you need help moving into your first home, or you’re upsizing to make room for a new baby, endless boxes and heavy furniture can be difficult to manoeuvre. Hiring a professional house moving service will stop you from worrying about this aspect of the move, and create time for you to focus on other areas such as arranging a change over of your utilities, redirecting your post and planning your new decor.

Office removals
If your business has expanded and your small office is no longer suitable for your growing team, moving to bigger premises will allow your company to prosper. Depending on what sector you’re in, it’s likely that your office or workplace is filled with heavy equipment, fragile technology and expensive computers – which is why hiring an experienced team to remove these items is so important. A professional team will know exactly how to wrap and lift this equipment in the safest way, reducing the risk of damage to you and the equipment itself. Never cut back on this part of the removal, improper handling of any items could lead to extra expense and inability to meet deadlines if data is lost or broken.

Until you begin sorting through your items, you probably won’t realise just how much you’ve accumulated over the years. Bags of unworn clothes, sentimental items and piles of books fill up crevices of most people’s homes, so you’re likely to come across belongings you haven’t seen in years. If your move is going through faster than you thought, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the volume of items you need to sort through, hiring a removal company to help pack your belongings could be the answer. If you don’t have time to properly organise your goods, getting everything packed will allow you to see what you’ve got once you’re in your new place – making use of new items or recycling and donating those you no longer like or need.

Another great thing about hiring a removal service to pack your items is they can also provide the packing materials. Homemaster Relocations can provide a self-pack kit, with everything you need to pack your items safely. Along with this, you will be given a helpful guide detailing exactly what kind of packing materials is suitable for each kind of item, and some top tips on how you can prepare for your move.

Specialist items
As mentioned, some specialist or tricky items such as office equipment may need an expert pair of hands to pack and transport them carefully. The same can be said for items you may have within your home such as paintings, pianos or large ornaments. To ensure these don’t sustain any damage during transportation, it’s important that they are wrapped or encased in the right way. Since these type of items have both sentimental and monetary value, never attempt to lift and package these yourself if you are unsure of the right way to do it.

Perhaps you need to hold a few items before you move into your new home, to sell or keep while you organise your living space. You can do this by using safe and secure storage units to hold a range of items. Alternatively, if you’re a business planning your move, you may require a place to keep your stock while you’re inbetween locations. Many of the best removal companies offer storage facilities at an affordable price, this allows you to easily access your goods so you can continue running your business.

The most important part of any move is having a reliable vehicle to transport your items from A to B. Choosing to transport everything yourself can be costly, especially if you’re not moving locally from your current location. Not only will you need a full tank of petrol to cover several trips, but the whole process will take a lot longer as the average car only has limited boot space – increasing the risk of damages along the way. Moreover, a professional driver within a removal team will know exactly which route to take – so there’s no risk of getting lost.

How can you prepare for packing services?
If you’ve decided to pack everything yourself ready to be transported, or even if you’re hiring someone to pack for you, it’s always best to get prepared – earlier the better. Start by sorting through the items that you won’t need to reach for in the run-up to the move such as books, DVDs, old clothes and things stored in the attic. Sort them into three piles – keep, donate and recycle. Although it’s important to have a good clear out before you move if you’re unsure whether to keep certain items there’s no harm bringing them with you for you to decide on at a later date – and remember, old items can be brought back to life with some simple upcycling.

Each time you pack a box, it’s important that you number, label or colour code each box according to which room it needs to go in. This will make things a lot easier when it comes to your move-in day, as you can reach for the items you need without sifting through every box.

Homemaster Relocations: The professional house moving service in Shrewsbury
If you’re in need of a professional removal company, Homemaster Relocations can help you in every stage of your big move. Serving those in and around Shrewsbury, we aim to relieve the stress that comes with moving, and make the whole experience a smooth and well-planned operation. Don’t leave things until the last minute, get in touch today for a quick estimation or find out more about our services.

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