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Four Tips For Making Your House Move Environmentally Friendly

The deterioration of our natural environment has become a pressing concern all over the world, with many people now making a more conscious effort to be green. But, this positive lifestyle doesn’t have to stop when you’re moving home. If you’ve got a big move coming up and need a few tips, then carry on reading to discover how you can navigate a eco-friendly move with little effort.


You can lower your carbon footprint through your choice of removal vehicle. If you decide to use your own car, and the help of friends and family to transport your goods, then make sure you plan an efficient route- this might not necessarily the quickest way but using roads that are more accessible with less inclines will reduce your car’s emissions. However, you should assess how many items you’ll be moving, using several small vehicles to make a number of trips could be less environmentally friendly than hiring a large removal van that could do it in one.

Use recyclable packaging materials

Whether you decide to pack your belongings yourself or employ an expert team, one way you can be more environmentally friendly is by using recyclable packing materials. It’s now easier than ever to find green and biodegradable products with a whole new range of alternatives. Paper and cardboard are the most accessible materials to hand, you can also look around your home for newspapers, magazines and junk mail to wrap delicate items. A quick search on the internet can also provide you with degradable bubble wrap and other recyclable materials.

Donate and up-cycle

Make sure you sort through your items well before moving day; leaving it last minute could mean you make irrational decisions and throw out items that could have been recycled, donated or re-used. A good way of making use of old furniture is to up-cycle them. Perhaps give your wardrobe or bookcase a lick of paint or update the door handles to give it a new lease of life, this will save on the cost of new furniture and prevent you from disposing of goods in the wrong way. Plus, don’t forget about your local charity shops who will welcome old furniture, household items, clothes and books.

Use green cleaning products

Once you get to your new location one of the first things you’ll probably want to do is give it a good cean. Green cleaning is a fairly new concept with the aim of using cleaning products that don’t contain hazardous chemicals that can harm you, your pets and the environment. Many brands now produce a range of products as part of the movement, and don’t forget you can also use natural remedies and items found in your cupboards such as lemon, bicarbonate soda, vinegar.

If you’re based in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas, then you may be wondering- who can i hire to assist with my house move? Homemaster Relocations are the removal experts who can turn a stressful move into a worry-free experience. We offer a range of services from packing, loading and transportation as well as experience moving even the trickiest of items. For more information contact us today.

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