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Do I Need a Removal Company?

Moving house can be a stressful time in life – whether you’re downsizing from your family home or moving to your dream home with room for all the kids and animals in Shropshire. The aim is to get all of your prized possessions from one place to the other in one piece, so you need to ensure everything is suitably packed for the journey, no matter how short, and then you have the lovely job of unpacking it all at the other end. Simple, right? Well, it can be simple but it can also get quite complicated, particularly when it’s not just a matter of loading up your car with a handful of boxes and your duvet! Many people are tempted to carry out a house move by themselves, but there are a number of reasons that you should hire professional removals company, such as Homemaster Relocations to handle the move for you:

1.       Don’t stress yourself out

The main reason to hire a removals company is simply to reduce the stress on yourself. You will already have plenty to organise with moving utility bills and making sure the water is working in your new house before turning it off in the old house, making sure that the walls are painted and that the paperwork is all arranged for the sale. In the midst of this, falling over half-packed boxes and suitcases can get quite frustrating so it’s easier to get the movers in over a couple of days and see it all wrapped up quickly!

2.       More efficient process

If you’re packing up your Shropshire home, you probably want everything in boxes where you can find them later, and this can be a very slow process. Professional removal companies do this on a daily basis, so they are simply going to be quicker, more efficient and have a plan that works. You’ll be surprised at how quickly everything is wrapped, yet with tender loving care and labelled properly so you can access it easily in your new home.

3.       Leave everything as it is

If you hire professionals, then you don’t have to go looking around for Allen keys or other things to dismantle your furniture. Simply leave it all as it is, where it is, and watch it magically re-appear at the other end in your new Shrewsbury home. Companies such as Homemaster Relocations have the right equipment and vehicles to dismantle and transport your furniture and they also have the skills to do this, so you won’t be tearing your hair out, when you can’t put the sofa back together again. This is by far one of the best benefits of using professionals.

4.       Insurance

If you pack your household goods yourself and anything gets broken during your move, your insurance company simply won’t care. However, a professional removals company such as Homemaster Relocations are fully insured and offer their own insurance policies so if anything untoward happens you will be covered. Peace of mind guaranteed.

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It’s important to remember that whatever price you’re paying, you’ll see the value of it all once you’re sat in your new home with a cup of tea in hand. If you’re planning a move in Shropshire or Shrewsbury, contact Homemaster Relocations on 01743 792 229 or by emailing If you’d like us to contact you, simply fill in our form here.

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