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packing tips

The Best Packing Tips

When it comes to moving house, the easiest thing to do is hire some experts such as Homemaster Relocations to take the stress out of moving, but we understand that you may want to pack some items yourself, or start getting things organised at an earlier date. We are happy to drop off some boxes once you have booked your slot, so that you can begin packing at your leisure.

However, you may want to start organising and packing but not know where to begin? To this end, we’ve made a list to help you and ensure that packing is a piece of cake for you! Alternatively, you can avail of our packing services and leave it all to us!

What is good packing?

 Good packing is:

  • Wrapping each item carefully
  • Being able to close up each carton when it’s full
  • No bulges or bends in packaging and closed, sealed boxes

How to prepare

    • Start organising by room whenever you find out you’re moving
    • Label all boxes with room names or numbers
  • Don’t use carrier bags!
  • Make sure that heavier items are packed first, plan accordingly
  • Don’t use plastic crates with no lids – not stackable

How to pack different items

1.      Clothes – Leave them on their hangers and get special wardrobe cartons (these may not be available to the day of the move). Folded clothes should be packed in boxes.

2.      Make-up – Make sure containers are tightly sealed (put in sandwich bags if concerned), place in boxes but ensure nothing heavy gets placed on top that could break containers.

3.      Shoes – if you have the original shoeboxes then use these and place in a carton. If you don’t have the original boxes, then wrap individually before placing in a carton to avoid damage.

4.      Glassware and crystal – crush newspaper and insert into the glass and around any stems, roll in another piece of paper, place bubble wrap around it. Place in boxes upside down

5.      Photographs – Don’t put photos, family DVDs or slides etc. in with any other items. Protect framed items with bubble wrap and stand them on their side in a carton, not facing upward.

6.      Lamps – remove the light bulb, wrap the base in newspaper, and wrap the bulb separately. Wrap the shade with clean paper (not newspaper) or a pillowcase. Shades can nestle inside one another if they fit, separated by paper.

7.      Small appliances – all smaller items like clocks, iPods, radios and similar can be packed in with your linens. Wrap each individually in several pieces of paper. Wrap up each cord do it doesn’t damage the item. Remove all batteries beforehand.

8.      Computers – wherever possible, pack computers into their original cartons. Use bubble wrap, blankets, and pillows. Make sure a carton is well padded and sturdy before using for a computer. Label the carton “Fragile” and make sure it is loaded last.


Home and Commercial Movers Near You

 For more packing tips from one of the best removals companies in Shrewsbury or across the Shropshire area, give us a call on 01743 792 229 today. We look after packing and moving services and can also help with self storage. You can email or fill out our online contact form here.

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